Who We Are!

'' We are here not for income, but for outcome''

Ram Prasad Sulluru, Srinath Reddy, Suresh and Jaffer are four individuals who hail from middle-class backgrounds, and their journey towards building a product-based company has been nothing short of an inspiring saga. Since their inception in 2008, they have encountered numerous hurdles and challenges, but their unwavering determination and dedication have led them to a profound realization – the paramount importance of product knowledge and productivity.

These visionaries understood that for a company to thrive in today’s competitive global marketplace, it’s imperative to not only have innovative ideas but also to possess a deep understanding of the product you’re creating. Product knowledge is the backbone of any successful venture, and this insight has been a game-changer in their entrepreneurial journey.

Their journey is a testament to the fact that in India, a country known for its middle-class aspirations and dreams, it’s possible to rise above the ordinary and create something extraordinary. Their experiences have made them acutely aware of the trials and tribulations that young entrepreneurs from similar backgrounds face when they embark on the path of creating their own businesses.

In light of their realization, Ram Prasad Sulluru, Srinath Reddy, Suresh and Jaffer have made it their mission to share their insights and wisdom on product knowledge and productivity. They firmly believe that this knowledge is not only crucial for the success of individual businesses but also for the growth of the Indian economy as a whole. By empowering new entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge they need, they hope to see a new wave of Indian success stories emerging from every corner of the nation.

Their aim goes beyond personal success; it extends to the broader goal of making “Made in India” products highly sought-after in international markets. They believe that India possesses the talent, skills, and resources to produce products that can rival the best in the world. However, this potential often remains untapped due to a lack of awareness and knowledge about product development and productivity.

To achieve their vision, Ram Prasad Sulluru, Srinath Reddy, Suresh and Jaffer have initiated various programs and initiatives. They provide mentorship, workshops, and online resources for budding entrepreneurs, guiding them through the intricacies of product development, marketing, and scaling their businesses. Their experience serves as a guiding light, helping others navigate the complex world of entrepreneurship.

In doing so, they contribute not only to the growth of individual businesses but also to the overall development of the Indian economy. As more entrepreneurs gain access to the knowledge and resources necessary to create exceptional products, the demand for “Made in India” goods in other countries is likely to surge, bolstering India’s standing on the global stage.

Ram Prasad Sulluru, Srinath Reddy, Suresh and Jaffer’s journey is a beacon of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs, a testament to the transformative power of product knowledge and productivity. They are on a mission to empower others and change the narrative of Indian entrepreneurship, all while advancing the vision of a strong and globally recognized “Made in India” brand. Their story serves as a reminder that with determination, hard work, and the right knowledge, anyone can build a successful product-based company, regardless of their background.

Our Vision
  • Our commitment is to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our customers, providing them with authentic products that promote well-being and enhance their overall experience.
Our Mission
  • Our mission is to ensure the health and satisfaction of our customers by offering superior products and services. We strive to simplify their shopping experience, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites or stores for quality home essentials.
  • In a world where quality products often come with a high price tag, Prakruthiis dedicated to making them accessible to all, including farmers and villagers, bridging the gap and delivering affordable excellence to enrich their lives.
  • By 2030, Prakruthi aims to empower over 100,000 entrepreneurs, fostering a culture of innovation and self-reliance.
  • We are committed to supporting over 50,000 farmers in generating secondary income, enhancing their livelihoods and financial stability.
  • By 2024, we envision establishing a product innovation hub, driving continuous improvement, and pioneering advancements in our offerings.
  • Prakruthi provides industrial training to a minimum of 25,000 colleges and schools, equipping students with practical skills for a successful future.
  • Ensuring the well-being of every Prakruthi family member is our priority, with access to 100% natural products that promote good health and protect against illness.
  • Prakruthi is actively working towards building a brighter future for the new generation of India, empowering them with opportunities for growth and success.
  • We strive to raise awareness about the importance of secondary income, enabling individuals to augment their earnings and achieve financial independence.
  • Our unwavering motto is to deliver exceptional quality products while maintaining strict standards against adulteration, ensuring the utmost satisfaction and trust of our customers.

Our Team

S. Ramprasad
Managing Trustee